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Enough is Enough

Fan wars... Who needs them?

Fandom Wars... Enough is Enough
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Welcome to my community.

This is a harmonious community which is set out to stop the Harry Potter wars in fandom and in canon. It's time that we all settled down and review the books in a positive fun loving way.

The only rules I have for this community is to be...

1. Kind and respectful, no matter what you do EVERYONE will have a different opinion but it's no need to fight. Just accept their opinion and share yours in a RESPECTFUL way.

2. Everyone is welcome, all ships, all types of fans, Let's have fun, because we all have one thing in common... We LOVE Harry Potter.

3. Keep you shipwars elsewhere, we don't need them here, let's just be nice

4. No net speak, for people who aren't up to date with it, it is hard for them to understand. Try to use proper spelling and grammar, make yourself look smart:)

5. Please stay on topic and don't advertise different communities.

6. Icons, art, fanfic are not only welcome but encouaraged, just remember to be kind to the people writing them. If you don't like the pairings simply don't read them.

7. Have fun:)